Sohan Roy Director Sohan Roy S.K. apart from being a well acclaimed entrepreneur, is an artist, lyricist and a learned film director from Hollywood Film Institute. Movie making has always been an obsession for him and sea his life. His research for his first documentary lead him to discover the world's tragic man made disaster, the Banqiao Dam disaster which claimed around 2,50,000 lives and left many shelterless. He realised the fact that these giant structures which were erected for the benefit of mankind can cause grave threat to our lives as well. As he divulged more into the project he found some shocking ground realities which by far cannot be neglected as mere facts of future. Thus evolved his new project, a thought provoking documentary - DAMS - The Lethal Water Bombs where he tries to portray his version of the DAM effects and how these giant structures, the potential discovery of mankind, evolve into being the most potent 'Water Bombs'. His documentary focuses on the 115 year old dilapidated Mullaperiyar dam which is waiting for its doom and the agony of a population which renders sleepless nights in a constant fear of an imminent deluge downstream an aging dam which can spell disaster anytime. Sohan Roy has been associated with many creative projects before entering into being a full fledged movie maker. As one - off, an independent minded film maker, he believes that quality is more important than quantity. For him, movie is a profound way of story telling,which portrays true life and hence it should not be mere an entertainment for the viewers but a real visual treat, a total experience which will stay in their minds forever.

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DAMS - The Lethal Water Bombs has been well appreciated and acknowledged as a great piece of work at various film festivals. Here are some excerpts of what people had to say about this:

" The graph shown in the documentary was really informative. It was really different. " - Jaya, Filmmaker

" The documentary is very informative and the shots were really good. " - Megha Thakar, Team Lead, Texturing Technicolor MPC