For decades, Dams have been considered as an imperative part of a nation's infrastructure. But with each passing year, the costs of their construction, maintenance and the negative impacts they pose on the environment as well as on the lives of people continue to outweigh their potential benefits. Today, Dams, the most beneficial discovery of all times have become the most potent "WATER BOMBS".

A prominent example of the biggest dam disaster is the Banqiao dam disaster in China, destroyed by torrential rains in 1975, the incident claimed lives of over 2,50,000 people. According to studies, with respect to the total number of dams being constructed, the numbers of hazardous dams are also on a rise. It has been estimated that 85% of all the large dams around the world would have passed their projected life spans by 2020. Despite several warnings and protests these dams are neither checked nor reconstructed.

'Dams - The Lethal Water Bombs' is a thought provoking documentary which brings to screen the agony of a population living in a constant fear of an imminent deluge downstream an aging dam. It throws light on the reality of a possible natural disaster which looms over Kerala and the dire consequences of the aftermath. The documentary depicts the haplessness of the people who render sleepless nights under the uncertain situation of the Mullaperiyar dam and the jeopardy which these giant structures cause across the globe. It is a message to the masses, to help prevent the greatest discovery turn into the most deadly disaster of the world.
DAMS - The Lethal Water Bombs has been well appreciated and acknowledged as a great piece of work at various film festivals. Here are some excerpts of what people had to say about this:

" The graph shown in the documentary was really informative. It was really different. " - Jaya, Filmmaker

" The documentary is very informative and the shots were really good. " - Megha Thakar, Team Lead, Texturing Technicolor MPC